"Misticanza" is an Italian word which means "mixed salad".
There, you will see Italy meets Japan, where the West and the East is being together
with harmony in Indonesia beyond time and space….
Open the door, then......
Just sit back and relax You will enjoy our fusion Italian as well as relaxed tea time together
with your beloved one, friends and family.
Be a part of us to enjoy your life with our cuisines, drinks and warm tropical hospitalities from our friendly staffs.

……Rp.30,000 / each

We have various taste! It's good size to enjoy several plates and match with cocktail or wine.


Would you like to have a fresh coffee with delicious dolce?

Who's Smile is the Best?
Please send us the commemorative picture of you in Misticanza!!
Ristorante Europeo alla Giapponese
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